SOIL Gallery

Trust Fall

Artists: Marissa Lee Benedict, Aaron Whitney Bjork, Mike Bray, Isami Ching, Jovencio de la Paz, Laura Butler Hughes, Masami Kawai, Jack Ryan, Aja Segapeli, Alexander Wurts

Start             1.4.18
End               1.27.18
Reception    1.4.18, Thursday, 6–8 pm

This January, SOIL Gallery presents Trust Fall, a collaborative group exhibition between the members of Ditch Projects. Ditch Projects is an artist-run studio, installation and performance space located in downtown Springfield, Oregon. The mission of Ditch Projects is to supply a progressive and permissive venue for the visual and performing arts while maintaining an open, experimental and festive atmosphere.

In this exhibition, the artists create collaborative works exploring concepts of group communication and team-building. The artists respond to each other in experimental ways, exploring concepts of enhanced social relations, and collaborative tasks. The exhibition is a collective response to the interpersonal dynamics between each other.


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