SOIL Gallery


Strangers from almost 3,000 miles away, SOIL gallery presents its own personality quiz as a means of introduction to SPRING/BREAK Art Show. “Which SOIL Member Are You?” matches participant to SOIL members through the algorithm of the quiz. Questions seek to frame personal preferences, narratives and characteristics of the quiz taker and to create parallels between themselves and SOIL members.

“Which SOIL Member Are You?” begs the question “When does a stranger become no longer strange?” What information does someone need to know about another for this transition to happen? Does there need to be a certain amount of correlation between the two, an acknowledgement of shared ground? By offering up connections between the personalities of the visitors and SOIL members, SOIL hopes strangeness, in the interpersonal sense, will decrease as empathy increases. Through the gateway of experience and personal exchange, the quiz participants transform from onlooker to active participant in an attempt to alter SOIL members from strangers to acquaintances.

Please join SOIL from March 6th-12th, 2018, as we present “Which SOIL Member Are You?” at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in New York City, New York. SPRING/BREAK Art Show is an internationally recognized exhibition platform using underused, atypical and historic New York City exhibition spaces to activate and challenge the traditional cultural landscape of the art market. The 2018 SPRING/BREAK Art Show’s “Stranger Comes to Town” will have over 350 participating artists.

To purchase tickets please visit SPRING/BREAK Art Show
For those of you who cannot make it to NYC for the show, please follow along on SOIL’s Instagram account: @soilart and check out #springbreakartshow2018 #strangercomestotown #whichsoilmemberareyou

SOIL’s SPRING/BREAK Art Show participating members: Iole Alessandrini, Nola Avienne, Colleen RJC Bratton, Jana Brevick, Christopher Buening, Emily Counts, Bradly Gunn, Ben Hirschkoff, Jessica Hoffman, Philippe Hyojung Kim, Claire Johnson, Paul Komada, Margie Livingston, Kiki MacInnis, Nicholas Nyland, Paula Rebsom, Markel Uriu, Jono Vaughan, Ko Kirk Yamahira and Ellen Ziegler. The gallery’s curatorial team is comprised of: Markel Uriu, Colleen RJC Bratton, Philippe Hyojung Kim, Ben Hirschkoff, Nicholas Nyland, Paul Komada, Emily Counts and Jana Brevick.

Special thanks to Mark Uriu, Bev O’Mara, Dwayne John, Jonathan Cordova, and Debbi Kenote and Til Will of Open House.