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SOIL is not currently accepting new members.

SOIL is a down-to-earth venue for exhibiting new and experimental artwork. SOIL brings together like-minded artists that hold a broad view of art’s possibilities.  Artist established, operated and supported, SOIL is a cooperative of 20-24 members that has been dedicated to supporting emerging artists in Seattle since 1995.


  • SOIL is a preeminent arts organization in the highly visible Tashiro Kaplan Building that provides a grassroots supportive network. We are dedicated to discussing new ideas, collaborating and supporting each other.
  • SOIL is a gallery AND a community of artists. There are many opportunities to plan or participate in collaborations, studio visits, openings, calls for shows and members, the occasional art fair, member retreats, and much more.
  • SOIL members have great opportunities to exhibit their own work. They can apply to show in the front space during calls for exhibitions and have the opportunity for a solo show in the newly remodeled backspace on a rotating schedule.
  • SOIL members have the freedom to show challenging, non-commercial work including but not limited to installations, performances, video and beyond.
  • SOIL members have opportunities to curate exhibitions. This includes group shows curated around a theme, two person shows, and juried shows.
  • SOIL members have the opportunity to learn new gallery-based skills based on their interest and motivation. The fluidity of SOIL allows members to have the independence to choose when and what gallery projects they wish to explore.


Being involved with SOIL is a big commitment with big benefits. We need innovative, dynamic and self-directed people willing to be active in gallery operations, events, and projects. Each member holds various responsibilities on a committee within a democratic, non-hierarchical structure. Are you able to confidently commit to the following?

  • Commit to being a SOIL member for at least one year. 
    When members join, they commit to at least one year (many of us stay much longer!). If you are not able to commit for a year, please do not apply. If a member foresees or ends up being absent 3 or more months, a statement of sabbatical or resignation must be provided.
  • Attend meetings every 2 weeks.
    SOIL is run by artist members. We meet every two weeks on Monday from 7pm – 9pm. This is our decision-making time where we discuss gallery issues, concerns and projects. Attendance is important. If you miss a meeting, you are responsible for reading meeting minutes, which are e-mailed and archived online.
  • Sit the gallery once a month for a 5-hour period.
    Each member commits to keeping the gallery open one day per month for a 5 hour shift. Opening and closing on-time is essential. Members unable to sit that month must provide a substitute.
  • Commit to a job that is essential to keeping the gallery going.
    Some jobs require regular attention while other jobs are ad hoc. Examples include meeting moderator, minutes taker, Facebook fanpage manager, gallery lighting coordinator, gallery sitting schedule coordinator, and gallery supplies manager.
  • Agree to participate in the annual auction.
    Everyone must commit to one or more jobs related to the annual auction. Auction profits are the main source for covering operating costs and since we are volunteer-run, we all must lend a hand.
  • Agree to participate in committees as needed.
    We regularly form committees that focus on different aspects of SOIL, such as curatorial, grant writing, compiling a catalog, taking our art to Miami for Aqua Art, organizing a juried show, or planning a retreat. Members are expected to be active in one or more committees as needed and as time permits.
  • Come to First Thursdays to support the current SOIL show.
  • Pay a $70 joining fee + $35 monthly membership fee.
    This is how we cover insurance and rent.


NOTE: You will not be able to start and save your application for later. Please have all application materials ready before beginning the online application.

Applicant Info
You will be asked to enter contact info.

SOIL Applicant Questionnaire
You will be asked to copy and paste your answers into the following questions:

  • Why do you want to be a member of SOIL and what do you hope to experience, learn or gain from being a member of an artist run gallery? (100 words or less)
  • What are your goals as an artist? (50 words or less)
  • What skills, talents, or super powers can you contribute as a member of SOIL? (Carpentry, web building, social media, grant writing, event planning, new perspectives, etc. 25 words or less.)

Work Samples
Upload up to 10 high quality JPGs, 1000px longest side, roughly 250kb max each created in the last 5 years.

Please label files as 01_lastname_title.jpg, 02_lastname_title.jpg, etc. Good images are highly persuasive!

Your 10 Work Samples can also include up to three, 2-minute VIDEO or SOUND samples. Please upload a screenshot for each video/sound submission as one of your images. In the fields below the image submissions you can enter in a link for us to review your video/sound samples online.

Image/video List
You will be asked to upload a PDF with image information. Please include Title, year, medium, size. Please label list file as such: 11_Image_List_lastname

Artist Resume/CV
You will be asked to upload a .pdf artist resume. Suggested information: education, exhibition history, awards, press. Please label resume/ CV file as such: 12_CV_lastname

Agree to terms and Submit button
By checking the box you have read and agree to THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF MEMBERSHIP detailed above. Once you click the Submit button you will not be able to make changes.