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Opens First Thursday, May 1, 2014 from 5-8pm
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Lindsey Apodaca,
Justin Beckman,
Jeremy Bert,
Matt Browning,
Derek von Essen,
Elias Hansen,
Sean Johnson,
Steven Miller,
Alice Wheeler
the MOHAI Archive

In November, 2012, Initiative 502 was passed by Washington state voters. This measure allows for the legalized production, distribution, and possession of marijuana products for adults. It was just a couple of decades ago that we were living with what was known as a “zero tolerance” policy. Does this signal the end of the war on drugs? There are no black and white answers, but other states are voting for similar systems of marijuana regulation much like alcohol has enjoyed since the repeal of prohibition. Alcohol in Washington was, up until recently, distributed by a state run agency as it had been from the end of prohibition. In November, 2013 Initiative 1138 was passed by Washington state voters allowing for the privatized distribution of alcohol.

As the nation debates prohibition and its relationship to social mores, these artists share their views on the topic of intoxicating substance use. The works in Under the Influence don’t presume to take a political point of view on the topics of state-run control. What these pieces do show is a more personal impact that substance use and distribution has on our lives. Whether one is inebriated, fetishizing paraphernalia, or merely exposed to the advertising of these products, we are all influenced by the worlds of drugs and alcohol in one way or another.

Shane Montgomery, Curator

This project has been partially funded by the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.


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