SOIL Gallery

Molten Menagerie

Robin Crookall, Sean Howe, Lauren Klenow, Carla Roveto

Start             9.7.17
End               9.30.17
Reception    9.7.17, Thursday, 6-8 pm

Far below the bedrock, invisible to the human eye, volatile materials are constantly churning and shifting. Much of Earth’s movement scarcely registers, but at times it’s felt all at once, like a volcanic eruption that strikes and transforms seemingly fixed landscapes in an instant. These raw expressions of nature are laden with the potential for devastation and chaos, yet necessary for the propagation and progradation of the natural world.

Robin Crookall, Sean Howe, Lauren Klenow and Carla Roveto – four artists who share an attraction to natural phenomenon, deep time and transformative landscapes – consider the melding of these forces in Molten Menagerie, an exhibition of sculpture, video, drawing and installation. Handling both man made and found materials in search of states of matter that are “real” and not just mimicry, their work frames and isolates phenomena, tuned in a way which allows discovery and meditation of being.

After working together and independently as artists over the last decade, Molten Menagerie harnesses shared experience and the slow erosion of details that happens through memory, while looking toward the future through the flattened depth of field of the virtual world. Similar to the formation of the landscape which inspires it, Molten Menagerie illuminates a cacophony of carved, poured, and melted shapes which vibrate together in hopes to make someone, or something else ring.


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