SOIL Gallery

Material in Mind: Women and Steel

Start             10.2.14
End               11.1.14
Reception   10.2.14, 6-8 pm

Nola Avienne
Jana Brevick
Lauren Grossman
Molly Epstein
Amie McNeel
Anne Mudge
& Nicki Sucec (curator)

Iron, one of the core constituents of steel, surrounds us. It’s in the earth. It’s even in our blood. It is the most used of metals and is vital to biological processes. However, despite its usefulness and ubiquity, it remains one of the most formidable and physically challenging materials to create with.

In the hands of these makers, this material ranges from highly polished to unrecognizable.

Through their work collectively, these artists (in their own words) “shift scale,” “investigate and negotiate tensions,” “translate imagery into form,” “connect the emotional and physical through object,” “build ‘slow forms,’” “give voice to the unheard,” “point to poetic relationships,” “experiment with interactions” and “expose and communicate meaning.”



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