SOIL Gallery

La Voix des Airs

Curator: Jeff Anderson

Artists: Blake DeGraw (sound engineer), Chloe Wicks (installation tech), Jeff Anderson (sound engineer)

Start             2.1.18
End               2.24.18
Reception    2.1.18, Thursday, 6–8 pm

La Voix des Airs is an audio installation that utilizes twelve (12) sound-producing modules developed and constructed by the artists. Each module consists of two pipe segments: a 10′ segment suspended from the ceiling, and a 3′ segment of equal diameter fixed to the floor below it. Inside each 10’ segment is a downward-facing microphone, while each 3′ segment contains a small amplifier speaker pointed back up at the microphone, facilitating the creation of a feedback loop.

Plancklength is a Seattle-based sound-art collective and performance group dedicated to the exploration and appreciation of unconventional sound creation. Founded by Blake DeGraw and Jeff Anderson in 2013 and joined by Chloe Wicks in 2015, the primary focus of Plancklength is to explore aural phenomena utilizing spatialization techniques, chance operation, created instruments and collaborative improvisation. Plancklength operates under the understanding that sound is a physical phenomenon, reactive both to its environment and other sounds in a shared space. We are interested in engaging our audience by demonstrating that sound can be evocatively sculpted without relying on a specific musical language.


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