SOIL Gallery

In the Backspace: Forming the Overhand Knot

Tom Albers

Start             10.5.17
End               10.28.17
Reception    10.5.17, Thursday, 6-8pm

Artist Statement:

My art making process combines gestural marks and material handling with a structural, geometric and /or rigid device.

After watching an artist friend of mine tying strips of paper into overhand knots I decided to try it. Not only does this simple knot in rope have a reliable practical use, its flattened presence, as in a paper knot, has a sense of containment and geometry.

I realized that one flat overhand knot forms one of the five corners of a pentagon. Using the knot as a device for my process, I folded and tied my paintings on paper and other rolls of material into pentagons. The art then becomes a dichotomy of a static shape holding active marks.


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