SOIL Gallery

In the Backspace: Redefining Ballerism: Victory Lap

Jana Brevick

Start             6.2.16
End               7.2.16
Reception    6.2.16, Thursday, 6-8 pm

Brevick revisits her Ballerism series, making a piece she has had in her brain’s sketchbook department for a few years.

Using heavy gold rope Dookie chains, pendants and other jewelry long described as bling, she makes a net that echoes back to 80’s hip hop styling à la RUN DMC and Slick Rick. Wearing your wealth has been a part of human nature since we decided that putting a cord through the hole in a shell and tying it around our neck set the tone for glamour. Wearing Dookie chains started as a way for hip-hop artists to show off success from hard work, dedication, status, and loyalty to labels and community.

Victory Lap ties together sports, hip-hop, status, sex, fashion and what it means to be baller.


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