SOIL Gallery

Given Time. Given Place.

Curated by John Radtke and Philip LaDeau.

Start             2.2.17
End               2.25.17
Reception    2.2.17, Thursday, 6-8 pm

Given Time. Given Place. responds to the space of SOIL Gallery, installing artwork in a way that responds to and interacts with the unique features of the gallery. The seven artists utilize simplicity and a minimalist vocabulary in their works, creating a dialogue with the immediate space surrounding their work – each inevitably affecting the other. The formal elements, materials, and placements of objects work in tandem to redefine the gallery not as a whole, but in parts. Any given place becomes inseparable from the artwork, if only for some small amount of given time.

Artists: Julia Heineccius, Matt Kelly, Scott Kemp, Philip LaDeau, David Andrew Nelson, Scott Proctor, John Radtke.


SOIL receives support from 4Culture and the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs