SOIL Gallery

ART BEASTIES: Time Difference 時差: Seattle–New York–Tokyo

Start             4.2.15
End               5.2.15
Reception    4.2.15, Thursday, 6-8 pm

ART BEASTIES is a Japanese artist collective based in New York City. Time Difference is our first collaboration between the members exploring time, locations, and surroundings from various perspectives. We live in different time zones, countries and cities; we communicate online and some of us never met in person. Starting off from experiencing somewhat counter-intuitive and awkward moments created through Skype communication between three time zones, we explore the gap in our perception of time in the different time zones. The Art Beasties members investigate new discoveries and possibilities that real-time, time lag, digital glitch and cultural and linguistic context would create the process. The projects include live music performance, photography, installation, video, and painting.

A concurrent pop-up show will be held at Prole Drift Gallery from April 2–4, 2015.

A special reception at Prole Drift will be held on Saturday April 4, 2015, 6–9pm.

Participating Artists: 
: Paul Komada, Akiko Masker, Yuki Nakamura
Tokyo: MAHO HIKINO, Saki Kitamura, Mayu Kuroda, Noriyo Yasunaga
New York: Kakeru Asai, Ko Irkt, Tokio Kuniyoshi

Special Thanks (Music Installation):
Seattle: Sunyata (Yuya Izumi , Blake o’shea Ryan, Hiro Tanno, Auri Robbins Phillips), Blake Ryan
New York: COPUT (Ken Arii,  Hiroki Oshiro)
Tokyo: Muku Kobayashi, Taiga Hirabayashi


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