Paul Komada
  • Paul Komada
  • Suspension Bridge, 2012
    hand-knit wool and acrylic yarn and canvas, 24" x 20"
January 2013

Knit N' Paintin'

  • New Work by Paul Komada
  • January 2 - February 2, 2013
  • Opening reception:
    Thursday, Jan 3, 6-8pm

I think about knitting when I paint.
I think about painting while I knit.
It is this constant exchange of ideas that leads me to find new possibilities in the work.
-Paul Komada

For the current show, Knit N' Paintin', Komada is exploring elusive boundaries between "art" and "craft". By utilizing both the language of painting and knitting, he is creating a body of work which includes knit/canvas paintings, watercolors, and an installation using knit fabrics.