October 2005

SOIL 1995-2005: A Retrospective
October 6-30, 2005
Opening Reception, First Thursday, October 6, 6-9pm

Featuring work from a cross-section of SOIL’s artist members, past and present, that have helped make SOIL what it is over the last ten years:

Jana Brevick
Buddy Bunting
Leslie Clague
Paul Davies
Jack Daws
Chris Engman
William Fellows
Christian French
Mandy Greer
Thom Heileson
Jenny Heishman
Etsuko Itchikawa
Claire Johnson

John Kieltyka
Karen Liebowitz
Margie Livingston
Kiki MacInnis
Bret Marion
Craig Miller
Sean Miller
Saya Moriyasu
Yuki Nakamura
Tuan Nguyen
Nicholas Nyland
Sara Osebold
Eugene Parnell
Demi Raven
Jodi Rockwell
Samantha Scherer
John Seal
Toi Sennhauser
Juniper Shuey
Katy Stone
Bethany Taylor
Blair Wilson
Randy Wood
Claude Zervas
Ellen Ziegler
SOIL 1995 – 2005: A Retrospective celebrates the collective impact of SOIL’s ten years as a catalyst and vital part of contemporary art in the Northwest.

The growth and success of SOIL continues to rely on a constantly evolving roster of artists. Through encouraging new memberships, collaborations with artists beyond the group, and offering curatorial opportunities to a diverse spectrum of shows, SOIL has evolved organically into a unique hybrid organization that fills the gap between a commercial gallery and museum.

SOIL is an artist-run gallery with a mission to act as a venue for emerging artists and challenging new art. Since its inception in 1995, the group has showcased more than 140 exhibitions involving over 600 artists, ranging from provocative group shows, strong solo shows, and events outside gallery walls, including such innovative shows as Goods and Collections & Creations, both featured at the Bumbershoot Arts Festival.

“Undaunted by change and shifting locales, this collective has managed to sustain its operations without losing sight of its mission. With its recent relocation to the Tashiro-Kaplan Building near Pioneer Square, SOIL continues to be at the forefront of vanguard art, reinvigorating the city with a creative critical conscience…”
—Jill Conner

This exhibition opens concurrently with the release of SOIL Artist-Run Gallery 1995 > 2005, a full-color 130 page book (designed by SOIL member Thom Heileson) that includes critical essays by local and national writers, features on selected past exhibitions, profiles of SOIL members, and much more. Contributing writers to this image-rich publication include Fionn Meade, Katie Kurtz, Jill Conner, Stefano Catalani, Anna Fahey, founding SOIL member Sean Miller, and longtime artist member Yuki Nakamura.

To order a copy of the book or for more information, click here.

The SOIL Gallery is open Thursday – Sunday, 12-5pm.

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