Eisuke Sato

Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 cm

Tim Cross

Ink, acrylic, and liquid paper on canvas over wood panel
22.5 x 26 in.

Erik Peterson

Oil on canvas
25.5 x 30 in.

August 2008

Escape or Reflect!?
Tim Cross, Erik Peterson & Eisuke Sato

August 6–30, 2008

Escape or Reflect!?, both a command and a question, refers to the act of making and of looking at painting placing the important act of viewing and perceiving at a very central point in this exhibit. Pictorial illusions, emotional abstractions, and suggestive narrative are commonly employed by each of the painters involved with this exhibit allowing them to create worlds that transport and at the same time confront the viewer. New paintings by Tim Cross, Erik Peterson & Eisuke Sato survey a range of styles and will be on view throughout the month.

Eisuke Sato, a Japanese painter who recently had a solo show at Tokyo's Gallery MoMo, uses painting to communicate a personal dread with life. Tim Cross, an emerging and active Seattle artist, indulges in his own fascinations with the mechanics of exploratory vessels. Erik Peterson, also an emerging Seattle artist, develops hallucinatory spaces frequently occupied by helicopters and birds.

All three artists are compelled to make work that consider the complexities of everyday life and the devices one can employ to deal with that life. The work considers the role of painting in a contemporary life that poses itself as stress filled and riddled with escapist opportunity.

August at SOIL in the Backspace:
Nicholas Nyland: Ceramics