Mike Simi - Catnap
  • Mike Simi
  • Catnap, 2011
  • Single channel hd video,
    hacked perfect petzzzz orange tabby
Wynne Greenwood - Tired Pebbles
  • Wynne Greenwood
  • Tired Pebbles, 2011
  • Cotton, synthetic fabric, thread,
    polyester stuffing, pen ink, worry
Hanita Schwartz - A String Game for Two
  • Hanita Schwartz
  • A String Game for Two, 2011
  • Sculpture/video
December 2011

11 Most Dangerous Toys
of 2011

  • Matt Browning, Klara Glosova, Wynne Greenwood, Jason Hirata, Britta Johnson, Rumi Koshino, Amanda Manitach, Hanita Schwartz, Mike Simi, Ian Toms and Brad Winchester
    Curated by Klara Glosova
  • November 30 – December 23, 2011
  • Opening reception:
    Thursday, December 1, 6–8pm

Each year around the holiday season "10 Most This" and "10 Most That" lists start cropping up. Contrary to being helpful, they often feed the sensationalism prevalent in popular culture: at worst installing frenzied fear, at best making people laugh. Presenting playful and dangerous work by eleven local artists, 11 Most Dangerous Toys of 2011 is a humorous take on this popular phenomenon - a practice that has become one of our modern day traditions.

Press for 11 Most Dangerous
Toys of 2011

Two Seattle Artists Flagged
by Safety Watchdog.

Article by Jen Graves. The Stranger SLOG, November 2011.

These Are Not To Be Toyed.
Article by Jessica Powers. ArtSlant, December 2011.

11 Most Dangerous Toys of 2011.
Article by Adriana Grant. Visual Art Source, December 2011.

ArtZone with Nancy Guppy.
Seattle Channel, December 2011.