Jason Urban - Desktop Mountaintop
  • Jason Urban
  • Desktop Mountaintop, 2010
  • Digital output on cardboard
  • 70" x 64" x 12"
Shawn Records - Untitled - from the series Harbor
  • Shawn Records
  • Untitled - from the series Harbor, 2008
  • Archival Inkjet Print
  • 18" x 22.5"
Leslie Mutchler - Green Space / Outer Space (Space Junk)
  • Leslie Mutchler
  • Green Space / Outer Space (Space Junk) 2010
  • Somerset Digital Print
  • 40" x 80"
October 2010

Repercussions: Tides & Time, Curated by Alex Emmons

  • Rebecca Cummins, Amze Emmons, Mark Klett, John Mann, Kevin Miyazaki, Leslie Mutchler, M. Alexis Pike, Shawn Records, Margaret Stratton, Filippo Tagliati, Jason Urban, Ian van Coller, Angela Franks Wells, Byron Wolfe
  • October 6–October 31, 2010
  • Opening reception Thursday, October 7, 6–8pm
  • Curator's talk: October 16, 2–3pm

Repercussions: Tides & Time is a travelling curated exhibition which surveys the ways contemporary artists document place and time. Incorporating video, print, painting, installation, sculpture, and photography, this exhibition highlights the various approaches by 14 different artists that utilize locative and temporal concepts. Working closely with each artist, I have selected a few key pieces from their larger bodies of work to survey how these artists are recording elements that best embodies a generative, reflective gaze on their surroundings.

Filippo Tagliatti's Tokyo: River City is a video that presents multiple, beehive like views of a present-day apartment complex in Japan, creating a mosaic of multithreaded juxtapositions. From Austin, Texas, Leslie Mutchler exhibits a large-scale digital print from her Green Space series that insinuates and draws the viewer to the mystery present in the cosmic and microcosmic. From his project Camp Home, Kevin J. Miyazaki retraces his father's family history through a myopic view, fusing the details from a housing development in Tule Lake, California that alludes to its personal relevance as a former Japanese interment campsite. Rebecca Cummins presents a new sculptural time piece, Dog Dial, which traces moments through three-dimensional space. Jason Urban's piece Desktop Mountaintop, is a unique office box installation that will forever alter how you view office supplies. Each artist addresses how art can both expand and puzzle our perceptions of our surroundings and temporal experiences.

Press for Repercussions: Tides & Time:

Repercussions: Tides & Time

Article by Brian Miller. Seattle Weekly, October 2010.

October in the Backspace: Ellen Ziegler: The Book of Knowledge

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